About Us

ROI Network NFP Inc. (ROI) is the premier business referral group of Northwest Indiana. We bring together professionals from area businesses to generate business across many industries. Our unique culture selects only one business category representative per chapter, creating a non-compete environment that allows members to focus on growing their business and generating referrals for the members of the chapter.

Unlike most traditional networking groups, our chapters meet weekly and require at least one business-to-business meeting between our members on a monthly basis. This allows for the opportunity to meet with, get to know and understand potential business partners, and to develop relationships that last a lifetime. This also allows our members to build a strong marketing team within the membership.

Our basic meeting format allows an opportunity for 30-second member introductions or as we call them commercials,  5-minute business educational member speaker, at least one Р10-minute in-depth business highlight by a member, testimonials, exchange of referrals, and announcements of upcoming business networking opportunities. Each chapter has a unique energy and style and we recommend you visit all that have your business category open to see which chapter fits best with your business.

Membership Requirements Include:

  • Attendance at 3 out of 4 meetings per month, and
  • Provide at least 2 qualified referrals to fellow members each month, and
  • Conduct one business to business meeting with a fellow member each month.
  • Costs for single member – membership is $100 per calendar year

As ROI members, we strive to do and be the very best in our field and our community. Members agree to uphold the standards and practices of their individual fields and to do their utmost to care for clients, assure customer satisfaction, to follow-up on referrals in a timely manner. In addition, members shall strive to act in a manner that positively reflects the ROI chapter they belong to and supports their fellow members.

ROI is served by Leadership Teams for each Chapter and a Board of Directors. Leadership Teams are made up of 3-5 group members serving in various roles. Members of the Board of Directors work to find ways to bring the individual chapters together for the benefit of the combined membership, and also serves as a liaison between chapters. The Board hosts inter-chapter events, community relations projects and helps with local event participation.

In addition, the Board oversees the formation of additional regional chapters, maintains the web site, and supports the regional chapters as needed, ensuring each remains aligned with our mission and vision statement. The Board is also responsible for assuring that ROI Network NFP Inc. complies with all necessary laws which govern our Not-for-Profit corporate status.